Just to give you an idea of the scope of our business, some of our current projects include:

Designing a wide area network for a chain of medical clinics that will carry voice, data, and medical imaging.

Multihoming a customer's web site and email server to two Internet Service Providers for redundancy and increased bandwidth.

Designing, staging, and installing routers and channel banks for a company that remarkets LD minutes to carriers using voice over IP technology.

Working with a major construction materials manufacturer to integrate an IBM asynchronous network used by a company they just acquired into their existing frame relay network.

Working with a college preparatory school and a nationwide commercial construction company to design and install wireless local and outdoor networks.

Designing firewall security for an e-commerce web site for one of the largest banks in the US.

Helping a major paging company that recently merged with another paging company consolidate paging centers in metropolitan areas across the US.

Designing and implementing Internet caching, user authentication, and voice gateways for a nationwide Internet Service Provider.

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