JCOM is in business to create value for its customers, value from the customer's prospective, value beyond the customer's expectations. Our competitive advantage comes from our ability to consistently provide customers with reliable, dependable, responsive, accurate, ethical, and reasonably priced solutions from knowledgeable and professional representatives.

We believe that our business is based on the strength of our relationship with you, our customer. While we operate in a marketing arena where vendors typically focus on their own interests, customers quickly find that JCOM's focus is on what's right for the customer.

Need it now? No problem! With access to over $25B in inventory we can generally respond to your needs immediately. Need a rabbit out of a hat? Our specialty is solving your seemingly unsolvable problems.

With experienced and knowledgeable personnel, a wide range of superior products, and over a decade of service to our customers, JCOM can be your data communications and internetworking resource.

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