JCOM - The CPE Provider

Carriers and service providers such as AT&T and Verizon Business regularly depend on JCOM to handle all aspects of the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) side of IP, T1, PRI, and DS3 circuit turn ups - routers, firewalls, channel banks, multiplexers, T1 cards, line cards, station cards and associated data and voice installation services. During a typical week, JCOM participates in two to five turn ups involving voice, voice and data, or data only.

Why Partner with JCOM?

Many service providers can sell the same products that JCOM sells but - here are a few of the reasons why service providers routinely turn the sale of their customer's premise equipment over to JCOM:

What - Do you know what to sell? Sometimes CPE product selection can be very complex. What is the most practical solution? Is it one that your company sells?

Cost - Do you know the least expensive way to do what needs to be done? Is the least expensive solution one that your company sells?

Focus - Is the sale of CPE products where you want to focus your time? Do CPE sales represent a noise or a distraction for you? Is the sale of CPE a high profit center for your company or is it just a necessity?

Complete CPE Solution - JCOM can coordinate and completely handle the CPE side, even the existing customer equipment including the customer's telephone system, LAN, Email, Web Site hosting, VPN, Routers, Modems, etc. Typically service provider installers are only responsible for the equipment that the service provider sells.

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